Cardiac Medicines
Cardiac Range is used to provide a proper benefit to your body. This range is specially designed to support the latest advances in cardiac and cardiopulmonary care. This range is very effective and is in high demand in the market. This range has no side effects.
Pain killer Medicines
Pain Killer Medicines are beneficial for most sorts of pain. The range is ideal when consume if only required for pain in different body parts. Please take these medicines after every 6 to 8 hours of interval.
Anti-Bacterials and Antibiotics
Our Anti-Bacterial and Antibiotics are obtained from molds or bacteria that are synthesized together. Generally antibacterial employees solely to antimicrobials obtained from molds yet it is deploy synonymously with antibiotics.
Gastrointestinal Medicines
Sometimes you sense some long and short term gastrointestinal problems that can be effectively treated by the provided Gastrointestinal Medicines. These medicines can be purchase from any medical shop or centre.
Beta Lactam Antibiotics Medicines
Our Beta Lactam Antibiotics Medicines in the penicillin binding nutrients a batch of enzymes discovered and good in the human cell membrane that are indulged in the cross connection off the wall of bacteria cell.
High Blood Pressure Medicines
High Blood Pressure Medicines are used for controlling hypertension and reduces the stress. These are easily consumed, highly effective and have a longer shelf life along with accurate composition. They are formulated by using best ingredients and methods which makes them safe to use and reliable.
Nutraceuticals, Vitamin & Mineral Products
The provided Cardiovascular Medicines affect the patient's blood vessels by changing the condition of contraction of the flexible muscle in vessels wall, changing its diameter and controlling the blood flow volume.
Oral Suspensions
The delivery range of oral suspension consists of undissolved atoms of more than one medical substance that is blended with the fluid vehicle for oral prescription given by the customers doctor.
Nutraceutical Supplement
Nutraceuticals provide medical or health benefits including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease. They have advantage over the medicine because they avoid side effect, have naturally dietary supplement, etc. They are also used to improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, and others too.
Cardiovascular Medicines
The provided Cardiovascular Medicines affect the patient's blood vessels by changing the condition of contraction of the flexible muscle in vessels wall, changing its diameter and controlling the blood flow volume.
Anti Cancer Drugs
Anti-Cancer Drugs are used for our patients so as to help them to recover from growth of castrate-resistant prostate cancers. These drugs are also used to treat prostate cancer in men. These drugs are used stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. They should be taken as per the prescription by your physician.
CNS Tablets
CNS is tested under different parameters to ensure its effectiveness. This medicine helps in proper functioning of the nervous system. This medicine is designed and manufactured for curing infections, diseases and issues related to central nervous system. This medicine should be taken as per the prescription of the doctor.
Amoxicillin Capsules
Our Amoxicillin Capsules are the normal kind of the brand title drug amoxil, which is a medicine deployed to cure varied bacterial infections in the customer is followed by a complete dosage course.
Clotrimazole Creams
Clotrimazole Creams are beneficial for minimizing fungal skin infections which includes jock itch, athletes feet, ringworm and many other. These are widely used for reducing vaginal infections as well. These creams are very effective and known for their healing properties.
Antimalarial Tablets
Antimalarial Tablets are consumed for treating and preventing malarial infections. These medicines are also used for the treatment of lupus and its symptoms. They are extremely effective and safe to use due to their accurate composition and balanced pH value.
Ointments Cream
Cream is mainly used for curing skin rashes as well as irritation. This medicine should be taken as per the prescription of your physician. This is used to treat skin problems that may cause itching, redness, and swelling. This is very much appreciated by our customers, in the market.
Antiseptic Ointments
To use our range of Antiseptic Ointments, customers will be required to gently clean the skin and permit it to dry completely. It delivers long lasting protection to the users.
Anti Viral Tablets
Our Anti Viral Tablets are frequently deployed to cure the Herpes infections, which are induced by genital herpes and cold sores. These tablets are only available by the prescription of a skilled doctor.
Veterinary Injection
You will be enervated to know that are Veterinary Injection range has ability to promote growth, milk production, reproduction and more for the betterment of the animals.
Antihistamine Tablets
Antihistamine offered may provide some relief of symptoms related to the release of histamine in your body. This medicine should be taken as per the prescription of your doctor. This medicine is safe for our patients, and highly effective to use. This can be easily availed by our eminent customers, at nominal prices.
Anti Ulcer Tablets
Anti Ulcer Tablets are helpful in reducing inflammation and preventing ulcer. These tablets are also used for treating gastric acid secretion and irritations which are caused by ulcer. They can be easily consumed and are highly effective as well as reliable.
Anti-Infective Drugs
Anti-Infectives provided are used to harm the yeast and fight the infection. These tablets should be only taken as per the dosage after the doctors prescription. These medicines are mostly used for the treatment of serious and refractory fungal infections in hospitalised patients.
Alopecia Medicines
The most normal kind of alopecia is treated by the offered Alopecia Medicines. These have the ability to suppress the customers immune system. Our medicines for typically administered orally, ointment use and more.
Analgesic And Anti-Inflammatory & Anti Pyretic
Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory & Anti Pyretic are used for curing the patients with different diseases. These tablets can help in reducing the pain and inflammation and provide relief or comfort to the patient. These tablets are very much effective and economical too.
Anti HIV
Anti-HIV does not cure HIV infection, but it does make it a manageable chronic condition. This medicine prevents HIV from multiplying, which reduces the amount of HIV in the body. This also reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others. Giving your immune system a chance to recover.
Respiratory Syrup
Respiratory is mainly used to treat infections of the upper respiratory tract. This is used to treat patients with bacterial infections. This medicine should be taken on doctors prescription. This medicine works by preventing the formation of the bacterial protective covering. This is very cost effective to use.
Sodium Valproate Tablets
Sodium Valproate tablets belongs to the class of anticonvulsant drugs and are used in the treatment of condition like epilepsy and bipolar disorder. These are oral medications that are available in small and compacted pills and can be taken with or without water.
Cetirizine Tablets
Cetirizine Tablets are the antihistamine that are popularly known for their anti-allergy properties and helps to cure various allergic problems like watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes or nose, sneezing and itching. They can be directly applied on the skin and the affected areas.
Anti Fungal Tablets
Anti-Fungal Tablets offered by us are made from highly effective pharmaceutical compounds that provides great results to fight fungal infection if they are consumed daily as per the dosage directed by the doctor.
Anti Biotics
Anti-Biotics acts as that tablet which is used to stop infections caused by bacteria. This tablet fights bacterial infections in people and animals. This tablet is very effective and widely used by people for curing the diseases. This should be taken as per the prescription of your physician.

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