Gastrointestinal Medicines

Better known as gastrointestinal agents, the Gastrointestinal (GIT) Agents are effective in neutralizing additional stomach acids. The special formulation of these medicines are useful in lowering histamin production in human body, enhancing digestion, controlling gastrointestinal function and flow of fluid in body. With having in-depth knowledge on changing trends of medical treatment, we have emerged as a successful manufacturer and exporter of premium quality GIT Agents. Customers can obtain Cinnarizine Tablet under this category. Safe to consume, these are free from adverse health effects. We recommend to keep these away from direct sunlight, moisture and air to preserve their original quality.


  •     These are recommended by medical practitioners for their high effectiveness and quick result
  •     These are easily available
  •     Affordable price range
  •     Long shelf life

"We are accepting bulk enquiries and for international enquiries also."
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